Unraveling Tengen Uzui’s Relationships: Speculations on the Favorite Wife in Demon Slayer

Step into the intricate world of “Demon Slayer” as we unravel the complexities of Tengen Uzui’s romantic entanglements. From equal expressions of love to moments of jealousy, this article delves into the fan speculations surrounding the Sound Hashira’s relationships with his three Wife. Join us on a journey through the anime’s narrative, exploring the nuances of Tengen Uzui’s affections in the captivating realm of “Demon Slayer.”


“Demon Slayer,” a captivating anime and manga series, has taken the anime community by storm with its compelling storyline and diverse cast of characters. Among the notable characters are the Hashiras, each possessing unique qualities that contribute to the series’ charm. Tengen Uzui, the flamboyant Sound Hashira, has become a focal point of discussion, particularly regarding his relationships with his three Wife.

Tengen Uzui and His Wife

Tengen Uzui, known for his flamboyance and unique character, holds the esteemed position of the Sound Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. A former shinobi turned Hashira, he is distinguished not only by his combat skills but also by his intriguing personal life, which includes three Wife: Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru.

Tengen’s Equal Love for Wife

In the narrative of “Demon Slayer,” penned and illustrated by mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge, Tengen consistently expresses equal love for all three of his Wife. This becomes evident during the significant events of the Entertainment District Arc, where his deep care for each wife is prominently displayed. Tengen goes beyond duty, instructing his Wife to prioritize their lives over missions, emphasizing his concern for their well-being.

Fan Speculations and Doubts

Despite the narrative’s portrayal of Tengen’s equal love, fans have engaged in speculation about the possibility of favoritism among his Wife. One prevailing theory centers around Suma, Tengen’s first wife, and the unique circumstances of their marriage. According to the official fanbook of Demon Slayer, Tengen was initially intended to marry Suma’s younger sister, but Suma voluntarily stepped in and participated in the marriage interview, ultimately becoming his first wife.

Scenes Indicating Favoritism

The speculation about Tengen’s favorite wife gains traction with specific scenes in the anime. In Season 2, Episode 9, during Hinatsuru’s flashbacks of visiting the grave of Tengen’s deceased brothers, the narrative presents scenes where Tengen and his three Wife spend time together. A particular moment involving Tengen removing a sakura petal from Hinatsuru’s hair sparks a romantic atmosphere, leading to feelings of jealousy among the other two Wife.

Instances that may indicate his favoritism

A theory emerges, suggesting that Tengen may harbor special feelings for Suma, given that she is his first wife and voluntarily entered into the marriage. This theory gains weight considering the contrast between Suma’s voluntary marriage and the arranged marriages Tengen had with his other two Wife.

Jealousy Among Wife

The romantic undertones in Tengen’s interactions with Hinatsuru prompt jealousy among his other two Wife. In a poignant scene, Makio adds sakura blossom petals to her own hair in an attempt to elicit similar attention from Tengen. The jealousy among the Wife raises questions about whether Tengen’s assertion of loving all his Wife equally truly holds.

Final Thoughts

While these scenes are exclusive to the anime and not part of the original manga, they spark doubts among audiences about whether the Sound Hashira genuinely loves all his Wife equally without displaying any favoritism. It is crucial to note that these interpretations are fan theories, and as of the current storyline, there is no canonical evidence in “Demon Slayer” to disprove Tengen’s original statement of loving all his Wife equally.

In conclusion, the article delves into the intricate dynamics of Tengen Uzui’s relationships with his three Wife, exploring fan theories and specific scenes that have ignited discussions about the potential existence of a favorite wife, despite Tengen’s claims of equal love. The subjective nature of interpretation leaves it to the fans to determine the depth of Tengen’s feelings and actions in this captivating narrative.

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