Undead Unluck’s Elite: The Roundtable Unveiled

Undead Unluck is a manga series brimming with supernatural adventures, humor, and unique abilities. Within its expansive world lies Union, a special organization dedicated to hunting down Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA) and solving Apocalyptic Quests. In the intricate web of Union, a standout group called the Roundtable emerges.

The Roundtable: Union’s Pinnacle

The Roundtable is an elite unit within Union, featuring Negators exempt from Union’s pursuit due to their collaboration. Composed of highly skilled individuals, this exclusive team is led by Juiz, the most formidable among them.

Selection Process and Criteria

Securing a place in the Roundtable requires passing rigorous tests, proving both skill and loyalty. With only the most proficient Negators gaining entry, the Roundtable stands as a symbol of Union’s elite force.

Ever-changing Roster

The Roundtable’s roster isn’t fixed, adapting with each cycle of the narrative. During the 100th Loop, eleven members graced the Roundtable, with Andy and Fuuko expanding the initial ten slots. Members can become inactive, and the roster resets with each loop.

Known Figures of the Roundtable

Discovering the members of the Roundtable involves navigating the twists of Undead Unluck’s cyclical narrative. While the roster undergoes occasional changes, during the 100th and 101st Loops, certain members made their mark. (Note: Victor’s past membership remains shrouded in mystery.)

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