Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: A Wild Ride with Bigfoot and Afterlife Antics

Dive into the wacky world of Rick and Morty as Season 7 reaches its penultimate episode. In “Mort: Ragnarick,” the duo embarks on a mind-bending adventure, exploring the afterlife, battling Bigfoot, and encountering unexpected twists.

Unveiling the Afterlife’s Secrets

In this episode, Rick’s curiosity leads him to experiment on Jerry to unlock the mysteries of the afterlife. He discovers a reservoir of infinite energy, setting the stage for a unique exploration beyond his usual multiverse escapades.

Conquering Valhalla with Bigfoot

The duo’s journey takes an unexpected turn as they conquer Valhalla with the help of Bigfoot. The bizarre plan involves setting up a relay, utilizing Norse symbols, and even capturing Bigfoot in a Poke Ball for an otherworldly battle.

Chaos in the Living World

Back in the living world, chaos ensues as the Pope hatches a plan involving Bigfoot, a feral Rick body, and a chase through cults and enemies. The Pope’s goal? Exploiting Valhalla’s infinite energy for personal power.

Alliance and Confrontation

Rick reveals his true motives to Bigfoot, leading to an unexpected alliance. Together, they confront the Pope, discovering his manipulation of Valhalla’s energy. The confrontation results in a cycle of deaths and rebirths.

Ending the Chaos

Rick’s ingenious plan to end the chaos involves turning off the relay’s power. Universal Monsters join the fray, but even they face instant defeat. The episode concludes with Rick, Morty, and Bigfoot escaping the living world.

After the Credits: Rick’s Papal Surprise

Stay tuned after the credits for a surprise twist! Rick engages in a Pokemon battle, but the unexpected happens, revealing Rick’s surprising ascent to becoming the new Pope.

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