Oshi no Ko Chapter 135: What to Expect (Major Spoilers)

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135, as Ruby’s transformative performance, Mem-Cho’s intervention and Kana’s potential remorse unfold in the captivating world of idols and relationships. Scheduled for release on December 21, 2023, this chapter promises to deliver unexpected twists and intense character dynamics.

Release Date and Platform

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 is set to launch on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 12 am JST. Fans can catch the latest chapter on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website and mobile application.

Recap of Previous Chapter

In the last installment, Ruby delved into her mother Ai Hoshino’s emotions, unveiling a complex storyline. Notably, Kana Arima’s decision to distance herself from Ruby added an intriguing layer of tension.

Anticipation for Chapter 135:

Ruby’s Impersonation of Ai:

Following Ruby’s realization of her mother’s vulnerability, she embraces the challenge of embodying Ai Hoshino’s character flawlessly. This shift promises an enhanced performance, drawing praise from Director Taishi Gotanda and co-stars in the ’15-Year Lie’ movie. However, this transformation may stir emotions, especially among family members Aqua, Ichigo, and Miyako, who shared a personal connection with Ai.

Mem-Cho’s Intervention:

As a friend to both Ruby and Kana, Mem-Cho, a member of the B-Komachii idol group, may attempt to mediate their conflict. While jealousy may have affected Mem-Cho similarly to Kana, her past success on YouTube might provide a different perspective. Nevertheless, the chances of a smooth resolution in Chapter 135 seem slim.

Kana Arima’s Remorse:

Kana Arima, despite her earlier actions, may harbor feelings of remorse toward Ruby. Believing Ruby to be a cherished friend, Kana might struggle with the decision to apologize. Ruby’s flawless enactment of Ai Hoshino’s character could play a crucial role in Kana’s emotional journey. However, Kana’s “Tsundere” personality may prolong the process of reconnecting with Ruby, especially after expressing a desire for her to disappear.

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