One Punch Man Chapter 198 Recap – Sonic and Flash’s Battle Unveils Hidden Motives

One Punch Man enthusiasts were treated to an intriguing spectacle in Chapter 198, where the Heavenly Ninja Party clashes with the dynamic duo, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and Flashy Flash. The chapter’s brevity—spanning just 12–13 pages—did not deter the intensity of the confrontations. Let’s delve into the key happenings and unravel Flashy Flash’s true motives.

Captivating Cover Art: The chapter kicks off with an attention-grabbing cover featuring Tatsumaki donned in a Christmas-themed outfit, and Saitama embodying Santa Claus with Watchdog Man pulling the sled. A festive touch amidst the impending battle.

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Sonic and Flash’s Confrontation with the Heavenly Ninja Party: One Punch Man Chapter 198, aptly titled “Habit,” opens with Flash and Sonic gearing up to face the members of the Heavenly Ninja Party. The first strike comes from Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, reluctantly following the party’s directives. Their discontent at being pawns sets the stage for an engaging battle.
  2. Strategic Split and Surprise Attacks: Sonic and Flash, despite being outnumbered, utilize their shared village background to anticipate the enemy’s moves. Sonic, expecting to be the primary target, is astonished when the shinobis launch a coordinated assault on him. The intensity of the fight heightens as the strategic advantage comes into play.
  3. Flashy Flash’s Mastery and Hidden Objectives: Flashy Flash, pitted against Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind once again, showcases his prowess by deftly evading their intricate attacks. Notably, his true motive emerges – Flash aims to obtain samples of monsters for analysis. The purpose? To find a way to reverse the monster transformation and restore them to humanity.
  4. Harmony in Battle and Flash’s Revelation: Sonic and Flash exhibit seamless coordination, leaving the Heavenly Ninja Party bewildered. Contrary to their village teachings of self-reliance, the duo’s teamwork proves formidable. Flash’s decision not to eliminate his foes but rather to study them leaves the party puzzled. The revelation unfolds as Flash discloses his quest to revert the monsterized leader of the Ninja Village, Blast’s former partner.
  5. The Unveiling Finale: Chapter 198 concludes with Flash cryptically declaring, “you idiots still don’t realize.” His mission to discover a cure and revert the village leader to humanity adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.


One Punch Man Chapter 198 offers a tantalizing blend of action, strategy, and hidden motives. The clash between Sonic, Flash, and the Heavenly Ninja Party sets the stage for a narrative full of twists and turns, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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