One Piece Episode 1087 Recap – Amazon Lily in Peril, Seraphims Unveiled, Hancock Faces Trouble

The latest episode of One Piece, titled “The War on the Island of Women! A Case Involving Koby the Hero” (Episode 1087), takes a thrilling turn as Amazon Lily, the homeland of the Kuja tribe, comes under attack. Blackbeard enters the scene on a quest for powerful Devil Fruits, leading to a perilous situation for the powerful Boa Hancock.

Blackbeard’s Pursuit

In this episode, the spotlight shifts from Luffy to Blackbeard, the Emperor of the Sea, on a mission to acquire formidable Devil Fruits. His journey brings him to Amazon Lily, stirring chaos and putting the island and its inhabitants in jeopardy.

Post-Onigashima Events

Following the conclusion of the Onigashima battle and Ryokugyu’s failed attempt to reignite conflict, the previous episode delves into the formation of the Cross Guild by Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk. Questions about Buggy’s leadership are addressed, setting the stage for the unfolding events.

Marco’s Role

Episode 1087 kicks off near Sphinx, the birthplace of Whitebeard, with Marco being dropped off by the Red Hair Pirates. Marco, the babysitter, expresses gratitude to Shanks but declines an invitation to join his crew. A flashback reveals Marco’s involvement during Ryokugyu’s attack on Wano and his assistance to Luffy.

Amazon Lily Under Attack

The episode takes a dramatic turn as Amazon Lily faces a Navy assault post the dismantling of the Seven Warlord system. The female warriors fiercely resist, but a new threat emerges – the Seraphims. These Lunarian-like beings, resembling a young Hancock and Mihawk, pose a formidable challenge.

Blackbeard’s Ambition

Blackbeard interrupts the Navy’s attack on Amazon Lily, revealing his true objective – Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi Devil Fruit. The introduction of the Seraphims and their counter to the Kuja tribe sets the stage for a high-stakes confrontation.

Hancock in Peril

Boa Hancock’s life hangs in the balance as she confronts the Navy. Koby’s plea for surrender falls on deaf ears as Hancock utilizes her Devil Fruit powers. However, Blackbeard intervenes, nullifying her abilities and leaving her vulnerable.

Recap of Episode 1086

A quick recap highlights Nami’s reaction to Luffy’s impulsive actions, the unveiling of the Straw Hats’ new wanted posters, and the revelation that Mihawk and Crocodile are the true founders of Cross Guild. Buggy’s role as a figurehead becomes crucial in diverting the Navy’s attention.


One Piece Episode 1087 delivers intense action, unveiling new adversaries, and placing beloved characters like Hancock in precarious situations. As the aftermath of Onigashima continues to unfold, the stage is set for a clash of powers that will shape the future of the One Piece world.

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