One Piece Chapter 1102: Major Spoilers and Predictions

Following the excitement of the previous chapter, Chapter 1102 appears poised to delve into Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback and Jewelry Bonney’s origin story, potentially marking the beginning of the end of the Egghead Island arc.

Lack of Spoilers

As of now, no verifiable spoilers for Chapter 1102 are available. Fans will have to wait due to the upcoming break, but spoiler information should emerge shortly after the release week.

Predictable Events

Despite the lack of spoilers, the general events of Chapter 1102 are likely predictable. While the pacing may not meet all fan expectations, it is expected to pave the way for a return to contemporary events in the series.

Bonney’s Journey Begins

The chapter is expected to focus on Bonney and her allies as they embark on their sea journey. A montage may depict Bonney exploring various islands, eventually leading to the core of the issue at hand.

Tracking Kuma

Bonney and her crew will likely track Kuma’s movements, always a step behind him. It’s hinted that Kuma is aware of their pursuit, actively avoiding them due to the undisclosed deal he made with Saint Saturn.

Kuma’s Awareness

Chapter 1102 may reveal Kuma’s awareness of his daughter’s pursuit, emphasizing his avoidance to protect the undisclosed deal with Saint Saturn, which could endanger Bonney’s life.

Communication with Saint Saturn

Kuma is expected to contact Saint Saturn to discuss the situation, especially since the World Government is aware of Bonney’s escape. Their conversation will likely focus on handling the situation without jeopardizing their deal.

Struggling to Track Kuma

Following Kuma’s efforts to avoid detection, a montage may depict Bonney and her allies struggling to keep up with him. However, they may eventually discover his extended stay at Egghead Island.

Arrival at Egghead Island

Bonney and her crew are likely to arrive at Egghead Island as the chapter concludes, setting the stage for the next release to focus on the anticipated meeting between Kuma and Bonney.

Future Developments

The upcoming chapters are expected to unravel the dialogue heard by Bonney during her confrontation with Saint Saturn, leading to a return to the present timeline shortly after Chapter 1102’s release.

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