Naming Legacy: Eren Yeager Bonilla and the Aftermath of ‘Attack on Titan’s’ Grand Finale

The article discusses an interesting and somewhat controversial incident related to the popular anime and manga series, “Attack on Titan.” A fan couple reportedly named their newborn child after the protagonist of the series, Eren Yeager. The article provides details about the naming choice and the reactions from the “Attack on Titan” fandom.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Background of “Attack on Titan”: The article begins by mentioning that the “Attack on Titan” anime concluded in November 2023, marking the end of the series. The manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, had a significant global impact.
  2. Naming of the Newborn: According to an Instagram page (@animenewsexpress), a fan couple decided to name their baby “Eren Yeager.” The baby’s birth certificate reveals that “Eren” is the first name, “Yeager” is the middle name, and the last name is retained from the parents, making the full name “Eren Yeager Bonilla.”
  3. Timing of the Decision: The decision to name the baby after the “Attack on Titan” character appears to have been made after the anime’s final episode aired in November 2023.
  4. Location: The baby was born in New York City, indicating the enthusiasm of “Attack on Titan” fans in the United States.
  5. Fan Reactions: The article highlights how fans reacted to the news. Many fans found the choice questionable, especially considering the actions of the character Eren Yeager in the series. Eren’s character is associated with significant destructive events, including wiping out a large portion of the world’s population.
  6. Concerns: Some fans expressed concern about the child and whether they would try to adhere to the character’s actions, given the controversial nature of Eren Yeager’s deeds in the series.
  7. Discussion on Naming: Fans discussed the choice of giving the child the full name of the character, finding it more questionable than just using the first name. Some fans shared their own plans for naming future children after “Attack on Titan” characters, mentioning names like “Mikasa” and “Levi.”
  8. Anecdotes: The article concludes with anecdotes from fans sharing stories of people they knew who named their children after anime characters, including one person named “Jiraiya” after a character from “Naruto,” and another couple unknowingly named their child “Levi” with the “Ackerman” surname, despite not being familiar with “Attack on Titan.”

Overall, the article highlights the intersection of fan culture, real-life choices, and the impact of popular media on naming trends.

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