My Hero Academia Spin-off: A Fan’s Intriguing Concept

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia spin-off, Vigilantes, authored by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court, faced a tumultuous reception during its six-year run. Despite gaining more positive reviews post-completion, it is widely considered by fans as falling short of the franchise’s spin-off potential. This disappointment stems from the belief that the expansive My Hero Academia universe could birth more captivating spin-offs than what Vigilantes ultimately delivered.

Yearning for More: Fans’ Speculations and Ideas

Even today, fans continue to speculate about potential My Hero Academia spin-offs that could surpass the divisive Vigilantes. @cpasDryNa’s concept, shared on X (formerly Twitter), has captured attention, hinting at a spin-off featuring Kudo and Bruce, the second and third users of One For All.

The Proposed Spin-off’s Appeal and Focus

The spin-off envisions a narrative set during a time when All For One’s power was unchecked, providing an intriguing backdrop. However, the primary appeal lies in the exploration of Kudo and Bruce’s origins, shedding light on their dedication to combat All For One. This concept addresses a perceived flaw in Vigilantes, where adventures seemed disconnected from the mainline story, offering a more integrated approach.

Enhancing the Main Narrative: A Cohesive Spin-off

By intertwining Kudo, Bruce, and All For One with the mainline series’ plot, this hypothetical spin-off aims to contribute significantly to the overarching narrative. Unlike Vigilantes, which faced criticism for its perceived detachment, this spin-off promises a more cohesive integration, potentially elevating the entire My Hero Academia storyline.

Anticipated Drawbacks: The Challenge of Known Fates

One potential drawback of this proposed spin-off is the foreknowledge of the main characters’ fates. As Kudo and Bruce’s ultimate destinies are known, some argue that the engagement level might suffer compared to the uncertainty offered by Vigilantes. However, modern manga examples, such as Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo’s past arc, demonstrate that pre-known fates do not necessarily diminish the storytelling impact.


In conclusion, @cpasDryNa’s My Hero Academia spin-off concept featuring Kudo and Bruce presents an intriguing narrative opportunity. Despite potential drawbacks related to known character fates, the proposed spin-off offers a chance to address the shortcomings of previous attempts and contribute meaningfully to the expansive My Hero Academia universe. Fans eagerly await whether this concept or others will shape the future of the franchise’s spin-off landscape.

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