Mirko Fate: The Unresolved Journey After My Hero Academia’s Epic War

My Hero Academia enthusiasts have witnessed the rise of numerous beloved characters, with Mirko standing out as the fourth-best hero post-All Might’s era. Despite her late entry into the storyline, Mirko’s captivating design, formidable combat skills, and unwavering determination have secured her a special place in fans’ hearts.

Mirko’s Journey in My Hero Academia

Mirko’s journey has been far from easy, particularly in the recent story arcs where she found herself at the forefront of battles against the League of Villains. Her heroics, however, came at a price, leaving fans uncertain about her fate in the latest chapters.

The Sacrifice in the First War Arc

Introduced during the High-End Nomu arc, Mirko quickly gained popularity due to her vivacious attitude and impressive fighting abilities. In the first War arc, she made a significant sacrifice, losing one of her arms to prevent Tomura Shigaraki’s awakening in Dr. Garaki’s lab. Although Shigaraki did wake up, Mirko’s actions thwarted him from unleashing his full power.

Prosthetic Arm and the Final War Arc

Given a prosthetic arm, Mirko joined forces with heroes like Mirio, Bakugo, and Best Jeanist in the final War arc. Their mission was to confront Shigaraki, allowing Deku the time to make his appearance. Despite Mirko’s tenacity, her two arms and one leg were severed by Tomura, forcing her off the battlefield for the remainder of the arc.

Mirko’s Current Status

As of the latest updates, Mirko’s fate remains uncertain, with no official confirmation of whether she is alive or not. The ambiguity surrounding her character adds an element of suspense and speculation for fans.

Reflecting on My Hero Academia’s Final Arc

The series’ final arc has evoked mixed reactions from fans, with Mirko’s uncertain fate mirroring the broader sentiments towards the conclusion. While Kohei Horikoshi’s artwork continues to receive praise, some fans express disappointment in the storytelling, citing unresolved character arcs and questionable narrative choices.

Divisive Elements in My Hero Academia’s Conclusion

Critics highlight the divisive nature of the series ending, pointing to issues such as the lack of satisfying conclusions for major antagonists, including Dabi, and unresolved storylines involving protagonists like Ochako Uraraka. The perceived lack of casualties in the war scenario and the handling of character deaths have also drawn criticism.

Controversial Moments

Fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the return of characters like All Might and Katsuki Bakugo after seemingly facing death. Bakugo’s victory over All For One, considering his role as one of the strongest characters, is viewed by some as a forced and unearned development.


Mirko’s journey in My Hero Academia has been marked by bravery and sacrifice, yet her current status remains shrouded in uncertainty. As the series concludes, fans grapple with both appreciation for the outstanding artwork and disappointment in the narrative’s execution, highlighting the complex emotions surrounding My Hero Academia’s final chapters.

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