Green Lantern’s Unforeseen Power: A Kryptonite Revelation Shakes Superman’s Invincibility in Justice League Battle

a recent turn of events in the DC Universe, Superman finds himself facing an unexpected threat from a fellow Justice League member. A confrontation between two archenemies unfolds, revealing a power that poses a legitimate danger to the Man of Steel.

The Unfolding Battle

In Green Lantern #6 by Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, and Scott Godlewski, Hal Jordan engages in an intense struggle against his longtime adversary Sinestro. However, the stakes are raised as Sinestro taps into the formidable Red Lantern energy, setting off a global spectacle of power that captures the attention of Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl.

The Kryptonian Dilemma

As the trio of Kryptonians observes the extraordinary display, Superman discerns a perilous aspect— the energies from the Emotional Spectrum resemble the detrimental effects of kryptonite radiation. Recognizing the potential harm to himself and other Kryptonians, Superman refrains from direct involvement in the battle and urges his allies to prioritize the rescue of innocent civilians.

Green Lantern’s Unexpected Advantage

The revelation unfolds as Superman confirms that the Green Light of Will, harnessed by Green Lantern, can replicate the harmful effects of kryptonite radiation without requiring the physical substance. This unexpected twist unveils Green Lantern’s unique ability to counter Superman’s overwhelming power, challenging the conventional understanding of the superhero’s vulnerabilities.

The Forgotten Power Returns

Intriguingly, this ability echoes a past era when Green Lantern’s Power Ring had the capability to create kryptonite during the Silver Age. While this power had faded into obscurity, the recent events suggest that Hal Jordan and other Lanterns may still possess this formidable skill. The radiation emitted during the confrontation between Sinestro and Green Lantern hints at the deliberate use of this power to impair Superboy’s cognitive functions.

Green Lantern Emerges as the Anti-Superman Contingency

Amidst Superman’s seemingly invincible stature, the narrative introduces a unique vulnerability— a vulnerability that Green Lantern, with his indomitable willpower, can exploit. The prospect of creating kryptonite constructs through the sheer force of will positions Green Lantern as a formidable contingency against Superman. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the dynamic within the Justice League, showcasing Green Lantern as a potential safeguard against the mightiest hero.


While Superman remains an iconic symbol of strength and heroism, the narrative twist involving Green Lantern introduces a strategic element to the superhero dynamic. The possibility of countering Superman’s powers with Green Lantern’s unexpected capabilities opens up new avenues for storytelling within the Justice League, emphasizing the importance of diverse skills and strengths in facing formidable challenges.

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