Elden Ring Boss Glitch: Unfortunate Twist in Player’s No-Hit Run

Elden Ring, the 2022 hit from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware, has become a battleground for skilled players attempting challenging feats. One player’s no-hit run, however, took an unexpected turn due to a frustrating glitch during a boss fight.

The Encounter: Redditor Waleedbro7 shared footage of their encounter with the Godskin Duo Great Enemy, a boss near the end of Elden Ring. Having successfully navigated the game without taking any hits, Waleedbro7 was on the verge of a remarkable achievement. In a cruel twist of fate, the boss seemingly cheated, landing an attack even after being defeated.

The Bug’s Impact: Despite Waleedbro7’s skill in defeating the boss, a bug in Elden Ring caused the monster to unleash a final attack after its apparent defeat. The unexpected hit resulted in Waleedbro7’s demise, leaving the community divided on whether the glitch should invalidate the no-hit run. Some argue that such unforeseeable issues shouldn’t count against the player’s accomplishment.

Community Response: Waleedbro7’s video sparked a discussion among Redditors, with many offering consolation and emphasizing the uncontrollable nature of the glitch. While some disagreed on whether the glitch should affect the no-hit run, the consensus was that unexpected bugs like these can mar even the most skilled players’ experiences.

Game’s Glitch Landscape: Elden Ring isn’t immune to bugs, and instances of foes refusing to fall despite zero health are not uncommon. While most bugs are harmless and may include quirky character appearance changes and funny animations, the frustration of a game-altering glitch persists.

Elden Ring’s Future: As Elden Ring approaches its second anniversary, anticipation is building for the Shadow of the Eldtree expansion scheduled for 2024. While no substantial updates have occurred since its announcement, speculation about an official release date swirls, heightening the excitement among players eager for new challenges.

In conclusion, Elden Ring’s glitch-induced challenges add an unexpected layer to its gameplay, testing not only players’ skills but also their adaptability to unforeseen obstacles.

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