Blue Lock Chapter 244: Shido Ryusei’s Comeback Unveils PXG’s Dual Tactics and Star Player

In the latest installment of Blue Lock, chapter 244 brings forth the remarkable return of Ryusei Shido, shaking up the dynamics of Paris X Gen. This chapter not only showcases Shido’s comeback but also sheds light on PXG’s double standards and introduces the influential playmaker, Charles Chevalier.

The Rise of PXG and Shido Ryusei’s Resurgence

The narrative begins with the revelation of Ryusei Shido’s comeback, alongside other Blue Lock players who joined Paris X Gen. The chapter introduces a new player, Charles Chevalier, whose presence contributes to the creation of two distinct playing systems within the France team.

Bastard Munchen Academy’s Strategic Moves

In the previous chapter, readers witnessed the partnership of Kaiser and Ness, securing their positions in Bastard Munchen Academy. This not only gave fans a glimpse into their friendship but also unraveled Kaiser’s past and aspirations. The manga subtly hinted at Kaiser’s new strategy to overcome Isagi.

PXG’s Tactical Revelation: Charles Chevalier Takes the Center Stage

Blue Lock chapter 244, titled PXG, unfolds with Bastard Munchen players Kurona, Yukimiya, and Hiori strategizing on how auction values are calculated. The emphasis on goal involvement becomes apparent, with Hiori Yo’s single assist earning a staggering 20 million valuation. The trio gears up for their next match against PXG with heightened determination.

Meanwhile, Isagi aims to outscore Rin in the upcoming match and secure the top spot in Blue Lock. The plot thickens as Yukimiya calls Isagi to the monitor room to witness the clash between Barcha and Paris X Gen. Isagi, along with three other players, Raichi and Gagamaru, eagerly anticipates the unfolding events.

Charles Chevalier: PXG’s Strategic Maestro

The match kicks off with Rin Itoshi as the lone striker, supported by Nanase and Tokimitsu. Notably, Ryusei Shido starts from the bench. Rin connects with Hiori and Tokimitsu, eventually receiving a cross from Charles Chevalier. This showcases Rin’s newfound shooting styles, leaving Isagi impressed.

Master Striker Julian Loki initiates substitutions, bringing in Ryusei, Karasu, and Zantetsu. The team’s playstyle takes a dramatic shift, becoming more instinctual. Charles once again delivers a cross, this time to Ryusei, who scores, elevating the score to 2-0.

PXG’s Unpredictability Stumps Bastard Munchen

The unexpected dual playstyles leave Bastard Munchen players baffled, identifying Rin and Ryusei as key players to watch. However, Isagi and Hiori discern that the real threat lies in PXG’s midfielder, Charles Chevalier. Despite PXG’s two distinct systems, Charles proves to be the team’s heart, securing two assists with tailored crosses.

In summary, Blue Lock Chapter 244 unfolds a thrilling narrative, intertwining comebacks, strategic revelations, and the emergence of a pivotal player, Charles Chevalier, as PXG’s strategic maestro. The clash between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen promises to be a riveting spectacle, with the spotlight firmly on the evolving tactics and key players.

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